It’s a horrible surprise for high-flying career girl, Katherine Casey when she loses her job on the same day as 180 other people in her company. But it’s even a bigger surprise when she finds herself agreeing to join a film club with five of her ex-colleagues, none of whom she quite likes.

There’s shabby, devil-may-care Martin, who she had regrets kissing at the office Christmas party a year ago; harried and desperate-to-be-liked mother-of-three, Lisa; office loner and oddball, Alice; and Jamie, a handsome gay man who can’t stop cheating on his devoted boyfriend.

Over a year, and ten classic movie nights in each other’s houses, from Thelma and Louise to Breakfast at Tiffany’s via The Wizard of Oz and Casablanca, the lives of Katherine and her four unlikely film club friends change in ways none of them could have ever imagined.


"The beauty of The Forced Redundancy Film Club is that it can - like all classic movies - be enjoyed, not specifically by just women or just men, but by anyone who loves a good story."

Sheena McGinley –

"It's contemporary Ireland. A disparate group of colleagues get the dreaded news. Numbing their shock in the pub afterwards, they resolve to meet once a month to watch classic movies in each other's homes to help beat the unemployment blues."

Adrienne Murphy – Hot Press
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