When Maggie Corcoran was 15 years old, she made a promise, along with the three other members of her ABBA fan club – that if ABBA ever reunited, they’d all go to see a concert together. Thirty years on, ABBA announce their reunion, and deciding to fulfill her teenage promise, Maggie begins searching for her old friends.

There’s Maggie’s first love, Daniel, now a reclusive ex-pop star reluctantly back in the super trouper limelight, but dealing with bigger problems closer to home. Wild child, Dee has grown into a powerful business-woman, but things in her marriage tell a different story. And for the once shy and retiring Charlie, life has changed in ways the four could never have imagined. But personal happiness has come at a heart-breaking price.

As the gang make their way to Stockholm for the concert of a lifetime, old memories are reawakened, good and bad, and each discovers that to lay the past to rest, sometimes you’ve got to take a chance on the future… together.

"An absorbing read with lots of plot, and the locations and characters inject extra zest."

The Irish Times

"Worth taking a chance on a writer with such a refreshing change of pace."

The Irish Independent
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