Knowing Me Knowing You

Knowing Me Knowing You

1983 – an unforgettable summer of rebellion, first love and shared secrets for four teenage ABBA fans.

Three decades on, and much has changed . . .

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The Forced Redundancy Film Club

The mood is sombre as the devastated ex-colleagues gather in the pub. But a few drinks later, with the discovery of a shared passion for the silver screen, things begin to look up. And the Forced Redundancy Film Club is born.

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"An absorbing read with lots of plot, and the locations and characters inject extra zest."

The Irish Times

"Worth taking a chance on a writer with such a refreshing change of pace."

The Irish Independent

"The beauty of The Forced Redundancy Film Club is that it can - like all classic movies - be enjoyed, not specifically by just women or just men, but by anyone who loves a good story."

Sheena McGinley –

"It's contemporary Ireland. A disparate group of colleagues get the dreaded news. Numbing their shock in the pub afterwards, they resolve to meet once a month to watch classic movies in each other's homes to help beat the unemployment blues."

Adrienne Murphy – Hot Press